Seeing Your Travel Business Through New Eyes (Part 3)

Where the Written Report has Value…The written report does have its place. The goal usually is to have a written document to pass around to people who are above you in the organization and who will have no first-hand contact with the consultant. A subsidiary goal is to have a tangible product so that you can justify to your boss the cost of the consultant.If you are rigorous when you specify what you require of the consultant, you might be able to finesse the need for a written report. For example, you might save a big chunk of the consultant’s fee, if instead of insisting on a written report, you elicit a commitment from those above you in the organization to participate in, or at least to attend, the consultant’s debriefing. This approach can have a huge indirect benefit in that that your consultant’s contributions are plugged directly into your company’s power structure.Of course, the powers that be may not be willing to make that commitment. In that case, I personally would decline the job for it would seem to me that I would simply be writing a trivial composition for the company archives.Consultants Provide a Competitive EdgeConsultants represent one of the most important untapped resources available to small and medium size agencies, and in the current competitive environment the failure to tap every available resource could be fatal. If you really understand your own business and can express it to another person, then you have what you need to get value from an outside expert.Follow these four basic rules:
1. Have a clear purpose and product in mind.
2. Be clear about whose data are to be used.
3. Be sure the person responsible for the consultant is up to working with him as an equal.
4. Keep the final presentation and report to a minimum.You will find that you can get an amazing amount of value for a surprisingly low fee. It works for the largest, most sophisticated buyers: why shouldn’t it work for you?

Restructuring the Hospitality and Travel Industry With Mobile Devices in 2017

Lately, the global travel industry has been going through a huge mobile revolution. There are certain constants in several geographies like material differences and customer demands, which are dependent on how hospitality and travel businesses plan to satisfy the demand.Global travelers, especially the millennials book accommodations and airfare on small screens today.

In 2016, 51.8% of travelers who book trips via digital means will do so using a mobile device, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates.
Moreover, the ever increasing shift towards metasearch engines like Yelp and TripAdvisor, is another prevalent practice among holiday goers and corporate travelers.

TripAdvisor is travel industry’s most popular mobile app, with more than 230 million downloads and 150 million monthly active users. – eHotelier
The millennial travelers also loves to stay connected on the go, all the time. They are the first one to post reviews and rating about their hotel stay or travel experience, online.Mobile has for sure become an integral part of the sophisticated multi-channel approach. It is driving B2B and B2C growth across the globe, in the overcrowded and competitive hospitality market. This has given rise to a revolutionary business segment – revenue management solutions for the hospitality and travel technology solutions. The impact of mobile is immense in LATAM as well.

Latin America’s travel industry was worth an estimated $60 billion in 2015, and will climb 3-5% for the next five years to reach more than $73.3 billion by 2020, with Mexico and Brazil accounting for more than 70% of the market, according to the latest Phocuswright report.

Another study by eMarketer suggests that Mexico will have 44 million smartphone users in 2016.
A question arises here. With the advent of smartphones and devices of choice to access the internet, how are global travel agents responding?Most consumer-facing businesses have started to go exclusively online. After all, mobile in the travel business, mobile is committed to serve a multi-channel segment. No wonder that hotels, airlines and online travel sites are better optimizing their websites and revenue management strategies for more direct bookings. As a result of this, people are finding a simpler way to book their trips from hand-held devices.Particularly in the US, sales of travel products and services booked on mobile devices continue to grow, while desktop- and laptop-based sales decline in absolute terms -eMarketer.Mobile’s omnipresent and on-the-go presence has been changing the way travel is planned or for the matter, booked today. This will continue through 2017 and will further enhance the entire on-destination experience of the mobile savvy millennial traveler. More and more consumers will open content on smartphones and tablets. Mobile websites and apps from OTAs and hotels will further drive customer acquisition as well as help them build brand loyalty and gain more RevPAR. So trip management will become all the more feature loaded and convenient this new year.

Reasons for Booking Your Business Class Ticket Through a Travel Concierge

If you fly regularly for business or pleasure, flying first class can take the edge off the travel time with its great amenities. But landing a cheap business class ticket can be a hard. Airlines advertise conventional fares for these tickets and most people are unaware that it is possible to pay less for the same flights. Using a travel concierge service is a wise decision to make your travel time hassle free. Travel concierges have a number of benefits for the often last minute business class flyer:Here are the services offered by travel concierges:• Flight notifications
• Flight booking:
• Check-in assistance
• Fast track immigrations and custom clearance
• Luggage concierge
• Airport transfers
• Hotel bookingsAdvantages of using a travel concierge to get your first class flight• Cheaper flights; travel concierges have access to a database of different airlines plying your travel route and can land you much cheaper first class tickets. They also have discounted fare rates from airlines, allowing their clients to enjoy the luxury of business class while saving you a lot of money over time.• Save time: travel concierges provide assistance for checking in and clearing customs therefore fast tracking the entire process for you and saving you the hassle of long cheque in and clearance queues.• Ground concierge: by assisting with your luggage on the ground and providing other services such as airport transfers, you get a truly VIP travel experience.• Last minute first class bookings: first class bookings are rarely available last minute and the extra charges can be avoided by booking through the travel concierge.• One way first class tickets: these are also hard to get on most airlines and more so on short notice. They can handle such bookings for you.With this in mind, traveling business class doesn’t have to be a reserved for VIPs only. Now you too can enjoy hassle free premium travel even if only for a one way business class experience by using a travel concierge service. In some cases, they are able to get you flights discounted by as much as 70%. The facilities and services attached to first class travel including the business lounge, in-flight wifi, gourmet dining and cocktails, reclining seats and entertainment systems are designed to make your journey memorable. All this makes your travel time comfortable with plenty of rest and peak productivity for those who like to get some work done while traveling.