Why Baby Boomers Are Choosing Travel As Their Primary Strategy For Creating A Wealthy Retirement!

That’s right! More and more baby boomers are striking out on their own when it comes to creating a wealthy retirement, and many are using travel as their vehicle of choice.The reasons for this new wave of entrepreneurism are numerous. Many seniors are making the shift because they are either unhappy with their current employment, or due to the state of the economy may have even been laid off. Some are seeking opportunities to either supplement their income, find better employment, or to enhance or even begin saving for their retirement. Travel seems to be a fast growing option for many of these baby boomers.With the advent of the internet, and the vast work-from-home opportunities that are now available, it just makes good sense for people to consider this as a viable option for them. Especially if they are in a physically demanding position, and they find that they just can’t perform the way they once were able to. I have heard this from several ex-construction types, waitresses, hair dressers, and many others who have to stand on their feet all day long.So why are so many baby boomers choosing travel?Well, when you look at the facts of the industry, and you weigh it against the largest population group in history moving through and into retirement years, it just makes sense.Fact: Over 10,000 baby boomers are turning age 65 every single day. That is the age in which most people target for retirement. The problem is, due to economic downturns, loss of investments, home values, and other issues, many of those who thought they were going to retire have found themselves having to work even longer. Even those who have recently retired have found themselves back in the work force due to financial reasons.The solution is one that gives them the ability to continue to work in an environment that is safe, simple, and not so taxing on their bodies, and it allows them to make as much or as little money as they want or need, and they get the perks of being able to travel and see the world (as if they were retired), as part of it all.That’s why travel is so appealing to them. Other reasons are that they can participate in a $6 Trillion dollar industry from the convenience of their home, they can set their own hours, work their own schedule, not have to worry about products to sell, distribute or promote, and certainly not have to do any type of home parties or attend hotel meetings.Baby boomers also recognize that most of their friends are also in the same age group, and many in the same financial situation that they may be in. That said, even if they aren’t looking for the same opportunities, or even if they are happy as to where they are in life, most of these retirees are going to want to travel more now because they are retired.This gives these entrepreneurs the opportunity to draw from an existing pool of acquaintances who may be willing to help them out by making all of their travel arrangements from their very own friend or family member, and be able to save money to boot.Leveraging their time and effort through a home-based travel business is also very attractive to the baby boomers. Being able to work with a group of like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm and desire to help others, and being in business for yourself but not by yourself is very appealing, and also rewarding when you see the impact that you can have on the lives of those who join your team.Remember, for some of the people that you are able to help earn an extra $500-$1,000 per month, it will be life changing for them. There was a study done not too long ago that said that the difference between the average person being able to pay all of their bills versus going bankrupt was only a few hundred dollars per month.When I have discussions with seniors, adults and other baby boomers, and we are discussing the advantages of the home-based business industry, especially the travel niche’, I always mention the tax savings to them as well. Reason being, is that the annual tax deduction to the home-based business owner averages over $5k. That alone is reason enough to be your own boss.Finally, because of all of the choices in legitimate online or internet home-based business opportunities that exist today, many of these fixed-income baby boomers who are either fast approaching or are already in retirement age, can start their business for very little money. Many can get started for as little as a few hundred dollars, and less than $100 per month in overhead.Creating wealth should be a primary goal for anyone in this day and age, but to the baby boomer who is much closer than most to retirement age, it should be imperative. Travel should be a strong consideration for this form of entrepreneur.