Business Class Travel

Business persons and general travelers alike have to travel frequently to different parts of the world or within your own country. Many prefer to travel economy class to save expenses on airfare. You might in this case have to face the inconvenience of sitting cramped in small seats with very little leg space to move about. As an affluent business man or an executive on an important business mission, you may just get cramped, physically tired and mentally demoralized traveling in such inconvenience and may not therefore remain in the right frame of mind to execute your business transaction successfully. Inconvenience apart, your business stature cannot allow you travel economy class. The answer to this lies in traveling business class.The seats in the economy class being cheaper usually remain overbooked, while quite a few of the costlier business class seats remain vacant for want of customers. As a result, flight companies offer certain attractive packages to lure customers to book for business class seats.Business class is more comfortable than economy class due to ample leg space and greater maneuverability. The service and the cuisine in the business class seats are certainly better and more courteous. Again the package for business class seats takes better care of you in after-flight service. You are escorted form the airport and lodged in first class hotels commensurate with your business status. These packages may certainly be cheaper if you ask for the return ticket within a stipulated time.If you are a frequent flier, you should stick to one airline for all of your travels. Once you are identified as a loyal and regular customer, you are offered higher rebates in your airfares and shown greater respect. That way you can sit relaxed in the business class seats, enjoy good and sumptuous meals, and be serviced more courteously. You can also do your homework or paperwork while traveling and have good nights’ sleep when your journey continues overnight.

Resorts 360 Business Review – How to Succeed in Resorts 360

What Is Resorts 360?Resorts 360 is a luxury vacation club that offers it’s members discounted vacations in thousands of destinations in over 85 countries around the globe. Paired with the membership is the business opportunity allowing members to earn commissions per membership sold and new members sponsored.Resorts 360 is in many ways similar to Global Resorts Network and Mor Vacations, two of it’s primary competitors. From someone who has been around network marketing for a while it’s safe to say that Resorts 360 will be okay in the long run. The travel industry is a TRILLION dollar industry and is continuing to grow. With all the talks about the current state of the economy and a recession, people are still traveling.Members get paid pretty decent commissions ranging between $250-500 per sale after their first two sales. A small number of sales per month could provide a substantial income. Plus, when a member is able to duplicate with his or her team, the numbers begin to increase.How To Market This BusinessLike most travel companies that work off the network marketing business model, you will be recommended to do the following: create a warm list of contacts, hold home meetings, purchase and call leads, pass out pamphlets and cds, prospect strangers and many other approaches that simply are not effective.With a travel business such as this one, you have to position yourself to be found by people who are actively searching for discounted travel and/ or starting a business. So how do you do this and is it possible to attract qualified prospects directly to you, without that silly pitching and selling stuff?Absolutely. You have to follow a proven formula in order to grow your Resorts 360 business successfully.The Online FormulaBy building your business online you can attract on the people who are looking for what you have to offer. You place your message directly in front of the people who want it. This is the exact same approach that the top earners have been using for the five years online and is continually working.The online formula can be found below. Don’t be another statistic in Resorts 360. Build your business the right way.

Must-Have Features in the Travel Business Portal

Gone are the days, when one used to invest days and months to design a perfect traveling plan. Today neither you need to go and stand in queue for transportation tickets nor roam here and there to find the best hotels for the stay. The travel industry has already shifted from offline to online mode, a few years back. Now travellers are ready with their list of traveling wishes, and it’s the responsibility of travel agency business to make their wishes come true.To run a successful travel agency business, one must need travel booking software. Your software must be smart and advanced to ease the process of booking transportation tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, who would like to travel somewhere with the responsibility of looking after other activities?If you are planning to start your traveling agency, here are the must-have features for your travel agency software:
Profile Creation and booking process

The profile creation process on the travel portal should be easy. Allow the multiple profile creation options like creating using email id, through social media, or from mobile number. The profile creation will be the first action taken by the user on your society to book tickets.The booking process should be easy and short. Make sure you are not asking for too much detail in the ticket booking form, as it can divert the user to other travel agency portals to save their time.If your booking process is smooth, the customer will come again and again to book their tickets.
Customization packaging option

For traveling, tour packaging is one of the important features. Today people are very particular about their travel accommodations, activities, food, etc. Offering an option to add and subtract few activities from the travel package, will help the customer to buy the best travel package as per their requirement.Providing limited tour packages will not give your customer the vacation of their dreams. Gone are the days, when people used to make travel plans as per the availability of travel packages in travel agencies. The personalized experience will drag them to visit your travel agency software again for the best traveling experience.Also, offer them multiple packages of a particular destination by making changes like a number of days, stay in the hotel, participation in any local and cultural activities, etc. While buying travel agency software, make sure you are hiring an experienced company.
Payment method

Keep in mind the payment process is the last step of buying your product and services. Provide your customer’s payment flexibility. Offer multiple payment options like third-party payment applications, payment apps, usage of credit or debit cards.As everything is digital and fast now, make sure your payment process is fast and secure. The customer will be adding her personal and bank information, the transaction should be safe for you and the customer both. Keeping multiple payment options will even help international travellers to book tickets or hotels without facing any issues.The more options you will give, the more area of the audience you can attract. Either you can hire software development services to build your Travel agency software from scratch, or buy a white label travel solution like MakeMyTrip from them.
Multi-lingual and currency

How frustrating will it be to convert each word into a local language? While running a travel agency, you will have a wider audience. Your travel agency must be for people from different corners of the world. It is your responsibility to provide a personalized and rich experience to all the visitors.To attract an international audience, your travel agency software must have multiple languages and currencies supporter features. These features will help you to serve customers of different countries and your revenue will be more.There are many countries where people speak their local language. While booking any travel package or ticket, for sure they will check the prices. What if you cut the step of transferring the mentioned currency into local currency? It will be a huge deal for them. Reading content on your software will help them to understand your services and they will visit your software over again.
Search Option

Today, we are just one search away from the required information. The customer will not have enough time to go through your software, in brief, to find what she is looking for. Make sure your travel agency should have the search option feature. It will give the liberty to all the customers to directly find the information they are looking for.Also, you can make it a predictive search. When the customer types the keywords to find the information or services, a drop-down list will be automatically popped up below the search option. This is a great way of eliminating the long list of search results and help the customer to find the relevant information instantly.

Will you blindly buy the product without seeing any picture? No, right! For the Travel agency business, the gallery plays an important role. Visuals are the best way to communicate with your audience. Your customers must be looking for breath-taking pictures of their vacation destination. Moreover, it will assist them while choosing hotels, vacation destinations, restaurants, etc.Make sure the gallery has the best pictures. Try to provide multiple pictures for a single destination or service. Also, you can ask your customers to provide their vacation pictures for the credibility of a customer’s travel agency.Conclusion
Traveling is not merely a way of taking a break from regular life, now it has become a profession. People look for the best and affordable packages to travel. These features will help you to build a safe and secure platform for all travellers. Prefer buying the pre-build travel software to avoid the huge investment and last-minute rush. White label travel solutions like MakeMyTrip are the best for people who are new in this business.